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My Dream Job……..Characteristics

I did the following “creative writing” type exercise early last year when I swore I was going to sort my career out in 2014. That wasn’t to be, but better late than never!

Anyway, I’d read some career advice about having a vision of goal of what your ideal career/ job would be. However, the further I’ve progressed in my career, the less clear I’ve been as to what my actual job should be, but I have become clearer as to what I feel the characteristics of my ideal job should be. So I basically wrote a description of my “dream” job containing all the job characteristics I would like (and feel are lacking at present). I then rewrote the description, in the present tense hoping the job “title” would reveal itself to me!

It didn’t! But I’d love to hear your suggestions as to what job it sounds like to you!

My Ideal Job

What do I want from a career? I don’t want it to be purely what “I want” i.e. working selfishly to fulfil my own needs. I understand that I (along with everyone) have to serve others to an extent through work- but I do want to see the purpose of this service, and not only that, but to be passionate about the purpose. I don’t want to waste hours and days feeling unmotivated. I don’t mind what I do as long as I’m happy (and not making others unhappy)! Bonus points for a job that feels like I’m doing good/ making a positive impact! I like being busy, but not in the sense of me working alone with a long list of things to do, rather busy in the sense of people coming to me, asking and answering questions/queries, communicating in general (i.e. having to respond to lots of external influences). I want to be busy but also able to switch off at the end of the day and go home, to enjoy things outside of work and not feel under pressure to constantly work long hours. I also want to be willing to work late/ at home when I have to (because I am passionate about the work I do and feel it matters). I would love to help people/ help make the world a better place through the work I do. I want to be able to make a living and to live comfortably, but not excessively lavishly. I want to really get on with the people I work with and to have fun with them when at work.

Future Me- I’ve Made it!

I love my job. It’s hard work for sure and I don’t always jump out of bed in the morning, but I know that people depend on me and I can really see and am passionate about the purpose of the work I do. I’ve never felt for a second in this role that the work I do is worthless and because of this, I’m always motivated to give it my best. I’m happy in this job, and feel so lucky that I’m able to help others through my work. The role is extremely busy and demanding, but in a good way! I’m constantly meeting new people, organising events, responding to emails, phone calls, text messages- it really is just one thing after another. One great thing about my job, is that the hours we generally operate allow me to completely switch off at the end of the day, and thus to make the most of my home life. Sometimes I have to work late or bring my work home, but it doesn’t bother me at all; I’m happy to do it because I feel the work is important and I know it is making a positive impact to the world we live in. In terms of earnings, my salary is pretty good. I can buy all of the things I need, along with a lot of the things I want! I don’t live in the lap of luxury, but I wouldn’t want to either. My workmates are just great; they make work fun even on the tough days!

While my dream  job “title” didn’t reveal itself to me, I have found it handy to have a short description to hand of “my dream job characteristics” which I look over from time to time when I lose focus.

Give it a try if you think it could help you!

Daydream Believer