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2015: The Year of Doing

I’ve spent a long time pondering my career situation but at the same time not really doing a whole lot about it. This is the absolute worst possible strategy as sticking around in a job you’re unhappy in only causes resentment to build up inside. I’ve come to realise, that if I you’re going to consciously stick around in a job you’re not crazy about (as I did last year due to a sense of commitment to the project I was working on), it’s best for your own health and happiness to buck up and determine to see the work through with the positive and proactive attitude it deserves.

Instead I have let negative feelings fester, so that work I merely didn’t enjoy to begin with, has now become unbearable.

You live and learn- and I won’t make that mistake in 2015. So what is next for me then if I’m not happy in my current career?

Well, firstly, I’ve decided to move jobs. Ideally, of course, I’d like to move to my dream job…but looking for your dream job can be paralysing. Placing all your hopes and dreams on the next step you take is terrifying. It’s what I did last year- I didn’t want to do anything unless I knew it was going to be the absolute right thing to do, the perfect decision. How naïve of me! In life there are no perfect decisions, we can only do what we think is best at the time. And doing something is better than doing nothing. So this year, I’m not looking for my dream job, I’m looking for a different job. One that’s quite different to what I’m doing now, but maybe not the drastically different move I daydreamed about last year. Just a move.

I’ve lots of dreams about what I might like to do with my life career wise. Some at the forefront of my list right now are:

  • Manoeuvre myself into a Marketing role (difficult with limited Marketing experience!)
  • Becoming a Teacher (requiring two years of no earnings during training and potentially endless years of unpredictable employment given the current situation in Ireland).
  • Set up my own business (doing what I’m not sure!)
  • Quit work and do an MBA next year (…then what?)

But I’ve spent so long thinking about these things and weighing up the pros and cons that quite frankly I’m too terrified to do anything about them. I’m so frustrated with work that I don’t think I’m in any frame of mind to be making any “big” decisions right now. So I’m going to start with a small one, I’m going to change jobs. If the job I end up in happens to be my dream job, fantastic, problem-solved! If it’s not, at the very least I’ll be in a better frame of mind to start thinking about some of the options above.

The job search has started in earnest this week. Looking for a job is hard work, and pretty demoralising, but also very exciting!

Anybody else out there on a New Year job hunt? Would love to hear of other fellow job seekers tips and successes!

Daydream Believer