I am a college graduate in my mid-twenties and am working in the professional services industry. I work for a great company, have great variety in the role I’m in, am paid well, have great opportunities for advancement, networking, travel, you name it- basically, the job provides all the things that were on my list for what I wanted from a career when leaving college. But while the job ticked all the boxes, when I actually got down to the day-to-day work involved, for some reason I find I am just not satisfied with my job.

I’ve set up this blog for a couple of reasons:

  1. To track my progress as I try to move towards to a job, career, lifestyle that is closer to my “reimagined” view of the world of work.
  2. To find/ link in with like-minded people so that we can all share our ideas/ stories/ successes.
  3. And finally- if I can inspire or help others in some way to “re-imagine” how they can play a role in the working world along the way, all the better!

Please get in touch if you have any stories or advice to share!


Daydream Believer


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